Cinter Networks is a team of global-minded professionals with a mission.

We aim to be the best resource for our clients: improving your business models and processes, implementing new technologies, and bringing talent to your doorstep.


Cinter Networks develops global-minded professionals so they’re empowered to manage business practices for our customers.

We provide high-quality professional business services through our service companies: Cinter Career and Cinter Technology.

Cinter Career helps employers discover top candidates around the globe and empowers job seekers to find their next big opportunity.

Cinter Technology offers a full suite of advanced and traditional technology services to help both global and local customers grow their business.


Cinter Networks is where global-minded professionals come to grow and work together to deliver high-quality services.


October 2013

Cinter, LLC is registered in the state of Ohio.

October 2014

Cinter, LLC relocates to their current location in the CMC Beechmont Building.


In July, Hiroaki Yamaguchi becomes CEO of the company
In August, the company is registered in the state of New Jersey (August).

April 2016

The company name is updated to Cinter Unison Networks.

July 2017

The company is registered in the state of New York and Illinois.

may 2018

The company is registered in the state of Texas.


In April, the company expands into California.
In September, the service companies are registered in the state of Ohio.


In January, the company is registered in the state of Michigan.
In October, Cinter Career is registered in all 50 states and US Territories.
Cinter Unison Networks rebrands as Cinter Networks.


Cinter Technology opened business in Yokohama, Japan.


Hiroaki Yamaguchi

Founder & CEO

20+ years of professional experience in IT project and business management.

Stephanie Yamaguchi

Corporate Brand Manager

Stephanie manages the Cinter Networks family of brands, ensuring consistent representation of their image and values.

Cinter keeps our data on premises safe by backing up to Microsoft Azure remotely and securely via internet VPN. With geo-redundant backup enabled, we have peace of mind having our business data saved in multiple locations.

Since we moved our global fileserver to an Azure datacenter, our data is available 24x7x365 no matter where I am.

Keita A., Accounting Manager

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